LiveCare for Calf

We think of calf's health first

World's first developed bio-capsule for calf,

an optimized solution for preventing diarrhea and respiratory diseases.


The Smart Choice for Calf Health LiveCare

The management of calf diarrhea and respiratory diseases,

which accounts for 80-90% of calf mortality, is one of the most difficult challenges faced by livestock farms face.


​'LiveCare' detects diseases in early stages so as not to miss a single calf.



Early Disease Detection System

Providing accurate early detection for each calf for critical and often fatal diseases such as diarrhea and respiratory diseases.


Proven Technology (verified in Japan)

LiveCare technology already receiving positive reviews in Japan, an advanced livestock market.



AI Deep Learning

Advanced Technology

LiveCare solution derives from Big Data technology with more than 500 data points and it factors in various conditions.


Integrated Management

from Calf to Cow

Integrated automated management is possible for cows of all ages.


Farm Productivity ↑

Livestock Competitiveness ↑

Through healthcare from calf to cow, you can achieve smart farm management and improved farm profitability.


The World's Only

Bio-capsule for Calves.

The bio-capsule for calf is administered within 2 weeks of birth.
LiveCare settles bio-capsule to a calf’s rumen

and collects exact biometric data by measuring heart temperature and activity.

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Real-time Biometric Data Collection


Certified Animal Medical Device


Capsule Placed in Rumen


Battery Life lasts up to 12 months

Real-time Monitoring of Healthcare

in the Entire Life Cycle of Livestock

Have you administered the bio capsule?

Then, the cattle data for all ages, from calves to cow will be automatically collected from now on.
LiveCare analyzes with AI and you can check through your mobile phone or on the website whenever or wherever you want.


Early Diseases Check

Feeding/Drinking Check

Rumination Check

Growth History Management

Biometric Pattern Check

Calf Rearing Management


Calf Service:

Success Cases in Japan

Here are cases of early detection and action of calf disease at wagyu farm in Japan.

Based on the analysis results of detecting abnormal patterns by individual, rapid measures such as the administration of fever reducer were able to prevent calf diarrhea and respiratory diseases (pneumonia, etc.).


Early Detection of Diarrhea

Nagayoshi Farm in Japan

​3-month-old Wagyu calf


Health Condition Monitoring

→ Normal Temperature Recovery

Feedback from Wagyu farmer in Japan

Nagayoshi Farm

​2020.01.01 16:00


Thanks to you,

I treated the calf well!
The accurate temperature information of the calf can be checked, which helps

(to run the farm). 
Thank you.


Early Detection of Respiratory Diseases

Mori Farm in Japan

​3-month-old Wagyu calf


Early Prescription of Fever Reducer

→ Prevention of Respiratory Diseases

LiveCare for Calf

Bio-Capsules featured in the Japanese Agricultural Daily


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The Lifelong Health of Cattle

Start with LiveCare for the calf

The process by which life grows is surprising.
Until a small calf becomes a mother and another calf is conceived,
LiveCare will do its best every moment with the mission of

"The Dignity of Life."

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