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uLikeKorea wins animal medical device certification in Korea, Japan for its calf biocapsule

uLikeKorea has received animal medical device certification from Japan and Korea, allowing effective entry into the ‘livestock healthcare’ industry.

uLikeKorea said on Oct. 28 that it has developed the world’s first rumen biocapsule for cows and received the certification from Japan’s Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery and Korea’s Animal and Plant Quarantine Agency.

Kim Hee-jin, CEO of uLikeKorea said, “We have obtained both Japanese and Korean domestic animal medical device certification for our LiveCare for calves. We are the only company that has a calf ICT healthcare product and after 12 months, we can continue our services with LiveCare for adult cattle, which allows complete health management from beginning to end.”

Kim further stated, “We will continue our market entry into the cattle industry which includes over a million calves in the Korean market. The market size for calves is $50 million which is newly created on annual basis and we are in the process of filing the necessary global patents. We aim to launch our service starting from Japan, then Korea, US and Europe where we will target key markets.”

Despite the stagnant economy due to Covid-19, uLikeKorea has overcome the difficult hurdles of entering the Japanese market and exported the calf LiveCare biocapsule products.

The company’s dedication to technology is noteworthy and Japanese market is one of the most advanced markets in the world with key Wagyu manufacturing markets in Kyushu, Hokkaido, and Okinawa.

LiveCare uses LoRa (Long Range) technology through its IoT enabled capsule system which collects biometric data in real time. The collected data is analyzed through AI and Deep Learning process which enables the users to be notified of any abnormalities or important events.

In particular, LiveCare can detect and identify up to 40 diseases including bovine Corona virus, FMD, mastitis, ketosis, respiratory diseases, etc. The system also allows estrus and calving detection and can deliver the information with up to 98% accuracy.

Kim added, “Calves need particular care, especially when it comes to diseases. Calf health directly affects its health status when it reaches adulthood. Calves require 1-2 liters of bovine colostrum within an hour of their birth. Our system can also be administered during that time which can detect dangerous diseases such as rotavirus and Corona virus and other digestive disorders.”

uLikeKorea has already received positive reviews from Japanese clients with its calf biocapsules. uLikeKorea has started preparing for full commercialization of the calf biocapsules. uLikeKorea now works with SK Telecom, Microsoft, Softbank, TDC in Denmark and other major conglomerates to further grow its B2B business.

Lee Kap-soo

(Korea IT Times / 2020.10.28)

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